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The Catholic Foodie in the Holy Land – CTJ Ep11

For this episode, we were blessed to be joined by Jeff Young of the website and podcast, ‘The Catholic Foodie’ – “Where food meets faith”. His show not only caters to different recipes and reviews on great food that they’ve had on several trips but most importantly, it highlights the value of the family gathering around the table and sharing good food together. Being seminary-bred, he studied the scriptures and realized that food played an important role in the relationship of God with His people and our relationship with each other from Genesis to Revelation.

Food and Faith pilgrimage – Jeff Young’s trip to the Holy Land

Thanks to his show, Jeff was invited by Select International Tours to lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and document all the food that he experienced on the trip. He said he was really excited to be in a place that shared so much with his wife’s culinary culture. His wife is Lebanese so they usually gather around on special occasions and share lots of Lebanese food and Middle-eastern cuisines like Hummus and Baba Ghanoush. While in Israel, he had the opportunity to work with ‘Chefs for Peace’, which is a group in Israel composed of Christian and Muslim chefs who are trying to bring about peace through food and by sharing meals together – exchanging recipes with each other in cooking demonstrations.

He was also was privileged to work side-by-side with other chefs in a restaurant called, Restaurant Magdalena, in Tiberias near the sea of Galilee, where the owner is a Lebanese. He, along with the other chefs, helped prepare a Roasted Tilapia or “St. Peter’s fish”, which can be found in the Sea of Galilee. The dish was served with Tabbouleh (My phonics skills couldn’t figure out that spelling), a familiar salad in Lebanese cuisine made up of parsley, tomatoes, onions and wheat grain. He was also surprised with the abundance of eggplant in the dishes. Although he was not a fan of it, he eventually came to appreciate eggplant dishes.

Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie

Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie

Jeff Young’s book – ‘Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie: Middle-Eastern Cuisine’

All of his experiences with these great foods from the Holy Land are documented in his new book that is coming out this fall. This is almost like a travelogue with 70 mouth-watering recipes. You can pre-order now (November 2014 release date).

Fishing trip of our family

Interestingly enough, while we’ve talked about the Tilapia (St. Peter’s fish), our son named Peter who’s eight caught his first fish, a 1.2 lbs 15 inches long white bass.

Feasts of St. Boniface and Pentecost Sunday

We get to celebrate the upcoming feasts of St. Boniface and the Pentecost Sunday on the June 5th. St. Boniface is really from England but he is the Patron Saint of Germany. He is known for his not-so ecumenical way of converting the German barbarians, who worshiped a giant oak tree, called Jupiter’s tree. The story goes that he said he would cut the giant oak tree down and challenged the Germans that if God struck him dead while doing that, then this tree is the real God, otherwise, they should convert to Christianity. When he started cutting it down, the wind blew the tree over and as a result they all became Christian. He later built a church using the wood from the oak tree. In 2004, a pilgrimage was started from Mainz to Fulda in the western part of Germany near Frankfurt and North of Mannheim to commemorate the life of St. Boniface. The St. Boniface Route, which is about 180 km and 115-120 miles from Mainz to Fulda, is the route used to take the Saint’s body from the Cathedral of Mainz to the Cathedral of Fulda. The gallery below has pictures from the St. Boniface pilgrimage route.

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