Pilgrimage: Day 10

Pilgrimage: Day 10

Pilgrimage Day 10: December 9, 2013: St. Juan Diego, pray for us! Today was a little warmer than the last few days, and I spent a lovely morning with my Mother-In-Law shopping at IKEA and then having lunch at Panera. I was not walking briskly at IKEA, but we were in there for a couple ... Read More

Pilgrimage: Day 7

I woke up (maybe) early this morning while it was still dark, and was glad I did not have to go anywhere today. Now that the sun is up at 7:30 AM, it is  -18 degrees outside, with a windchill factor of -35!! I love my husband more than ever for braving these temperatures every ... Read More

Pilgrimage: Day 6

Day 6: Thursday, December 5, 2013: St. Sabbas, pray for us! Outside the world is quiet, cold, and white. The air sparkles with tiny bits of ice mimicking the stars that shine sharply against the deep velvet sky, and not even the many rabbits that live on our land dare to disturb the silence and ... Read More
Pilgrimage: Day 5

Pilgrimage: Day 5

Day 5: December 4: St. Peter Chrysologus and St. Barbara, pray for us! Before I begin my walking log for today, I want you to go to my friend Leane’s blog Finer Femininity and read the fabulous tale of St. Barbara. Are you back? Great! Last night’s “storm” that was supposed to bring 6 inches of snow, ... Read More

Pilgrimage: Day 4

Day 4: St. Francis Xavier, Confessor, pray for us! Today’s walk is supposed to be 15 to 30 minutes. Today’s high is supposed to be 57 degrees. So far it is 37, with a wind chill of 31. I will wait until it warms up a bit. The snow is supposed to fly tonight, and ... Read More

Pilgrimage: Day 3

Day 3: Monday, December 2. St. Bibiana, Virgin and Martyr, pray for us! Today is supposed to be the warmest day in the next 10, with a high temperature of almost 60 degrees. That means that we have to do as much laundry as possible before the wind and snow make it difficult. I also ... Read More

The Pilgrimage Begins: Chartres: Pentecost 2016

Ian and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on November 30, 2013.  It has been a beautiful marriage from the start, and God has blessed us with 11 beautiful children, one of whom He took to Himself almost as soon an we knew he existed! We want to thank God for His goodness and ... Read More