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Our Interview with Father David Nix in his mission trip to Rwanda. – CTJ Ep 15

For this episode, Father David Nix shared his unforgettable experience in his mission trip to Rwanda and his pilgrimage to Our Lady of Kibeho. He was with 18 students of CSU. He worked with the Missionaries of Charity for an orphanage and spent time playing soccer with Rugamba boys in the Northern side of Rwanda. While on the South, he evangelized street kids and did some manual labor.

Some thirty years ago before the mass genocide happened, in the town of Kibeho, “a land of the thousand hills”, is where the Mary appeared around 1982 to the school-children warning them of the genocide that was to come to that place. The prophecy did not fail. One of the school-children who witnessed the apparition died in the massacre. The Shrine Sanctuary of Kibeho was one of the two Marian shrines in the 20th century approved by the Vatican. It was not as big as other shrines but it was beautiful. This could be the next Fatima as millions and millions is drawn to this powerful shrine.

In spite of the massacre, you can hear it through their praise music their deep devotion and unbelievable faith that he calls Africa as a Flagship country of God’s Mercy. He recalled a very heartwarming and heavenly experience he had while celebrating mass at the Cathedral of Butare. While carrying the Blessed Sacrament, he was followed by a thousand people, at the background, were some 10-20 kids singing African praise songs in four-part harmonies, doused with flowers and incense, as they walk the streets of Kigali to the places of death.

The children of Rwanda followed them everywhere they go. For him, they were the most memorable people he had met. In Rwanda, they had lots of beans, rice, potatoes, peas and carrots for food but more than the food was Rwanda’s remarkable hospitality that is sometimes bordering on up to the point of sacrificing their own food just to give the best to their guests. He recommends Regina Pacis – a simple, clean and big hostel runned by nuns as the best place to stay. Their last five days was spent on a full-day walk to Kibeho and Safari.

Some of the most important pilgrimages and feasts this October are:

  • Every third Sunday of October, a pilgrimage is offered to the Our Lady of Valme. The image of Our Lady of Valme is kept in the parish church of Dos Hermanas but on this day she is carried in an elaborate procession to the shrine of Valme, on a hill overlooking Seville Spain.
  • While in Lithuania, you may join their Pilgrim Route of John Paul the II – a national event for the Lithuanians to honor John Paul the II and the main shrines that are connected with the Pope.
  • Last October 25, we commemorated the Feast of the 41 martyrs of England and Wales martyred between 1535 and 1679 and canonized by Pope Paul VI on 25th of October 1970. One of them was John Kemble who was hanged until he was dead on 1969. His hand is located in a new Catholic church designed to have no windows with narrow front door as the people at that time were still worried that there might be retributions for having a Catholic place in England.

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