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Our Interview with Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs – CTJ 12

Pilgrimage to Rome


His excellency, Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, is our guest for today’s episode. He shared with us his ten day pilgrimage to Rome with 120 pilgrims from the Diocese of Colorado Springs during the Year of Faith. They visited a few other places in Italy prior to going to Rome including Assisi and Orvieto. Most significant of all is the Orvieto Cathedral where a blood-stained corporal is housed in a reliquary. Be sure to listen to the show for the story of the Orvieto Eucharistic miracle.

see it as a particular expression of the pilgrimage that each of us is on – the pilgrimage to our heavenly homeland.” – Bishop Sheridan



Bishop Sheridan’s favorite place on the trip was Assisi where the overwhelming spirit of peace of Sts. Francis and Claire is still felt amidst the hustle and bustle of pilgrims and tourists in this small town.

While in Rome, he had the opportunity to visit and celebrate mass at the four major basilicas in Rome: St. Peter’s, St. John Lateran (Pope’s Cathedral Church), St. Mary Major (oldest church dedicated to our Blessed Mother) and St. Paul Outside the Walls (where St. Paul is buried under the altar). You can check the other sites that he visited during his pilgrimage to Rome, including the catacombs and other basilicas at the slide show below.

A Bishop Meets the Pope


His most memorable meeting from his pilgrimage was when he got to celebrate a daily mass with Pope Francis himself with only two bishops and 8 other priests. While he was able to con-celebrate with Pope John Paul II when he came to St. Louis in 1989, this Mass was a much different experience than celebrating in a stadium with thousands of priests and bishops.

I think pilgrimages, by their very nature, as spiritual religious events.” – Bishop Sheridan  



This coming August Bishop Sheridan will be leading a pilgrimage to Ireland for St. Patrick, the Apostle of Christianity to Ireland. One of the highlights is the town of Knock where Mary appeared in the 19th century. They’re going to be there during the feast of the Assumption in August. Please check the links to their site below for registration or you can call 719-636-2345 and ask Bill Howard for information about the trip. They still have a few spots for more people.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi falls on June 19th which is a Thursday this year. Listen to the podcast to see how the date is calculated each year. In U.S., we move it to the following Sunday. Parishes typically have a Eucharistic procession after Mass followed by adoration and benediction.


The origins of the feast are medieval. In the 13th century, there was a Norbertine canoness named St. Juliana of Liège. For twenty years, the Lord appeared to her asking for a feast to be instituted for the Body of Christ. She kept this to herself for twenty years (!) until she finally told her confessor about it. She wanted this to be celebrated separately from the Lent. Eventually, another cleric in Liège, Jacques Pantaléon of Troyes, was also convinced of the importance of it and it was a good thing that he later became Pope Urban the IV. In 1264 that He instituted for it to be celebrated for the whole Church.

If you want to go on a Eucharistic pilgrimage you can try any of these suggestions:

  • Eucharistic pilgrimage in Italy. Check gocatholictravel.com. They have a pilgrimage that’s twelve days which goes all over Italy and stops at several sites of Eucharistic miracles.
  • If you can’t go all the way to Europe for this pilgrimages, you can go closer to home to EWTN down in Irondale, Alabama where the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament is located.

Links we’ve talked about on the show: