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Fran and Larry Go to the Shrine of North American Martyrs: CTJ Podcast, Episode 7



Show Notes

Canonization of the popes
  • 800,000 people showed up but only 500,000 could actually be in the vicinity
  • 300,000 went to Rome to watch in a hotel?
  • Episode 5 Sarah Vabulas was in Rome for the beatification of JP2 and didn’t attend, said she would do the same again
  • Is it worth going if you aren’t getting front row seats?
  • We went to Mass atJ23 for Mass and then to a canonization party
    • Beer
    • Spaghetti
    • Mission fundraiser to Rwand
    • Lots of college students
Divine Mercy Pilgrimages
  • Martyr’s Shrine Midland, Canada
    • 8 days
    • Week before Feast of Assumption in August
    • 86 miles
    • North of Toronto
  • Vilnius
    • June
    • Locations:
      • Hill of Crosses
      • Blessed Fr. Sopokos home
      • Shrine of Divine Mercy
      • St. Faustina’s convent
      • Vilnius Cathedral
      • Apparition ofSiluva
        • One of the first apparition sites in Europe
        • In 1475 the first Catholic church was built by a diplomat who brought back an image of Mary from Rome
        • When Calvinists took town in 1532, priest buried all the church belongings in a box outside the church
        • 1608 – children saw a woman holding a baby sobbing in a field near a rock
        • Calvinist pastor of the town and many citizens saw the apparition which said she was weeping because the land of the church had been turned into farms
        • An old blind man remembered helping bury the church treasures on that spot, was miraculously cured, found the box and the town became Catholic
        • Apparition was approved in 1775
  • National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge
    • Do your own pilgrimage to the site

“Form an intention that will keep you focused…offer any suffering for that intention” – FranTweet: Form an intention that will keep you focused...offer any suffering for that intention - Fran

Shrine of the North American Martyrs

  • Pilgrimage for the restoration of new Christendom and reparation for sins
  • Auriesville Upstate New York
  • Site of martyrdoms of the Jesuit martyrs
  • 3 days, ~70 miles

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