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CTJ Podcast, Episode 3: The Shrine of Liseux

Show Notes

It’s okay to be a tourist while you’re a pilgrim. God shows you things. – Tami KiserTweet: It's okay to be a tourist while you're a pilgrim. God shows you things. - Tami Kiser http://ctt.ec/0em2_+

  • Happy Feast of St. Gabriel and the Annunciation (tomorrow)
  • The largest Catholic church in the Middle East is?
  • Visiting the Stations of the Cross at San Luis Rey
  • The miraculous chapel at Chimayo
  • Interview with Tami Kiser about her and her husband’s pilgrimage to Lisieux, France.
    • Driving in France
    • Where to stay
    • What to see
    • What about taking kids?
  • CatholicTravelJournal.com site update – Pilgrimage map with over 200 sites!

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Links to things we talked about in the show:

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